Saturday, December 16, 2006

a gift from Nina

nina gave this to me during the christmas party and i oh so love it!!! i love tin cans thats why! and she distressed it too giving the can a vintage classy look. inside the can, you will find 5 cards with front and back panels-- all about me, some works and our friendship.
thank you nina for this great artwork. i will always treasure this forever...

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the dreamer said...

Jane!! Thanks for posting! Hehe. I loved the vintage images, lahat yan online, with the journaling. Nagamit ko din! Hehe.

Uy, you're so very welcome. You're a *big* part of my personal growth as a scrapper and even as a person this year.

Sorry, hindi pa ganun kaganda trabaho ko. Trabaho lang po ng newbie. ;)




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