Wednesday, January 24, 2007

scrapper's block

i am sure every scrapper has this so called 'scrapper's block" wherein nothing comes out of your mind when you stare at your papers. no layout in mind would be visualized and nothing could be done making you so depressed and strained though in reality you have not even scrap.

once in a while i have this scrapper's block and i tried my best to block the block:

a. look at your magazine or books.

b. close your eyes for a minute and let go of your papers.

c. get out of your scrapping area and distract yourself.

d. talk to your scrapping friends

e. look at your magazine again. 2x or 3x.

f. go back to your area.

g. i am sure you can at least plan a layout even if it's not permanent.

h. disarray your papers and create something.

i. if this does not help, stop scrapping for a while. maybe youre drained.

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