Friday, February 23, 2007

a demo with the preschoolers on march 2, 2007

on march 2, 2007, i will conduct a demo on simple tag bookmark with the classmates of my sons at their preschool learning center... how does it feel to talk in front of 13 little kids.? would they heed my demo and since this is a "make and take" ala scrapbook event, hahahah.. then i have to prepare 13 kits too!

i am sure excited but still crossing my fingers that everything will be a success.

i will make them stamp one image then stick that image on the bookmark. i will just have to put double sided tape (do they know how to use it?) so that there will be less mess with paste and glue.

i will give them my fibers too for the final touch.

a word of advice from my mom: pre-demo with my 2 sons first. lets see if they stick to my words. !!!

1 comment:

Ems said...

the best advice ever!


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