Tuesday, September 30, 2008

princess masako

i can't help but comment on this book. this book is quite controversial so when i saw this on nbs' bookstand last bookfair, i got hold of it immediately. you see, princess masako was my secret idol way back when she became princess, an intelligent girl whose passion for the academics and career made her a very potential candidate... or bride so to speak.

and so when i saw this book-- about the tragedy ( oh well, i have not been following her up like a stalker), all i could say was i really pity her. she has somewhat wasted her what you call "up the ladder" life. no one to blame, we really do not know. it was her choice ( or was it?)...

read up this title. a surely beautiful read. it will make you float inside her life. inside her dreams and somehow, inside her sad life.

i took this pic in Batangas last Sunday during a brief visit to my in-laws.

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Christine said...

that sounds interesting :)


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