Thursday, May 21, 2009

scor-it mini - a review

i know many people would say, why buy a scorer when your trimmer comes with it? you see, having an exclusive scorer is something, well, not really a must for all because you really can make use of your trimmer/scorer in any projects but being me, i just fell in love with this mini scor-it!

i did these truffle bags through a tutorial on the scor-it website and these are really perfect for give aways too! just put chocolates or candies inside the open baggies and there you go... a goody bag to boast.

i hope to make more projects with this wonderful tool!!!


Gracie Ann Tan said...

Cabbie these are too cute! I agree with you with the "having a separate scorer tool". It makes scoring so fast and easy. What I have naman is the Scor-pal. You can create so many projects with them. You can also visit Scor-pal's website to get more project ideas.

Nita Ang said...

Naman eh... I am trying my best to be good and not spend anymore. Then you come along and dangle another tool infront of me - WAAAAHHH. With samples as good as these, who wouldn't be tempted (slurp!)My only question is: "If I do buy the Scor-It, will I now be as good as you are?" LOL


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