Friday, July 03, 2009

altered plastic story book

its july and time for another project at artzdescrap!!!

this time, you have to alter a story book. well, i got this plastic bath book from my kids' shelf---how many times do i have to raid their shelf for my projects eh? rulers, bags, ( they have 2 of these so im not a guilty mom!). i think some of you might have this book ( free ata ito sa book fair at learning is fun)

since this is plastic, i have to "gesso" it first so that the acrylic paint will have a base.

after the gesso has dried up, paint it with your favorite color!

after much waiting....

i came up with this altered book! surprisingly...

these bedazzles are so useful to me!
do you notice the scalloped accents on the side? guess what...?

those are from the edges of this blue page... i simply have to punch it using the stampin' up paper shaper to create a crunched look.

dont throw those remnants away though... they are those accents you saw on the previous picture.

the acrylic paint will not have an even coat since plastic is non-porous and would tend to "slide".

i also decided to use the FISKARS threading water punch!!! hah!

but wait... get the thin foam out of there! coz your page won't fit in the puncher..

i used the pouchy place to store some atcs and cards...

last page is just playing with paints... i am glad i was able to raid again.


Liza said...

wala ako iba masabi cabbie kundi isang malaking WOW!!! the altered queen at her finest once again!

Nita Ang said...

You never cease to inspire us! Fabulous ideas on those decorative edges (heck, I would never think of that!). You are such a creative genius :D

Peggy said...

Lots of inspiration here! Thanks for sharing.
xxx Peggy

Christine Tica said...

Oh my goodness Cabbie! That was really beautiful. Iam so inspired by your work of art. More power to you and more creations to come! Galing!
Christine Tica

mye said...

napanganga lang ako eh :)

this is very inspiring indeed. a wonderful creation, cabbie :)

janis said...

super ganda cabbie.

question lang po: hindi po ba magdidikit dikit yung pages pag acrylic paint? o dahil me mga embellies naman kaya hindi talaga siya maglalapat together?

thanks idol cabbie. sana makagawa din ako ng ganito.

bjay said...

brilliant, cabbie! ganda nito :)

symbelly said...

wow! Cabbie ganda!

(Sym, close your mouth and wipe that drool.)

Ems said...

pakibaba ang aking jaw please! genius talaga si idol! ;o)

Sue Abbott said...

INGENIOUS! How you think of these ideas is amazing.


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