Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ATC paper clip carousel

for artzdescrap's midmonth tutorial by our very own Candy Lagazon, she made a tutorial on EARRING CAROUSEL TUTORIAL

i was not able to make one exactly like hers coz i don't wear earrings! would you believe???

so since i have lots of paper clips, i decided to make a carousel with paper clips hanging. you can clip your notes or ATCs ( for my carousel) and can hole up more than what i did here. i call this the "8 gypsies ATC carousel!".


1. use a CD ( used) and punch hole using crop-a-dile.

2. decorate with pattern papers and embellish with flowers and die cuts.

3. get a tissue roll tube and attach pattern paper.

4. mount on coaster ( which is not visible in the pictures).

5. place decorated CDs on top of the tube. you can adhere with glue.

thanks for viewing.

1 comment:

Alby said...

Awesome project Cabbie!

And I love the new look of your blog!


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