Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wax Papered Tin Can

i am very excited to be part of the 12 days of christmas "DAY 11" featured blogger at scrapbook news and review online magazine. for this project, i created a tincan and made it look dreamy and vellumed using wax paper. i also used distressing technique for the wax paper with simple inking method. this is an easy project and makes a good christmas gift too! you can put cookies, candies, chocolates or even scrapbook stuffs inside. if not, a great storage is fun to keep for yourself! so, what are we waiting for? get your materials handy and start the project now.

materials you may need for the wax papered tin can:

wax paper
distress inks
any tin can
mask and applicator/blending foam
optional: beadazzles

how to:

1. first, get a piece of wax paper and measure as to cover the body of the whole can.

2. crumple the wax paper.

3. ink the wax paper and wrap around the tincan's body.


4. get the tin can's cover and paint.


5. get a mask and use blending foam and ink over the painted area of the cover.


6. you can add inks on the sides.


7. optional to use are bedazzles on your embellishments.


8. decorate your tincan with metals, collage artsheets or anything fancy.

i just love the texture when you see it close up.

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