Thursday, May 06, 2010

villa escudero 2010

i would like to post some pictures of our outing at villa escudero plantation and resort, quezon province, philippines. this is the second time for the kids and my fifth time to visit the wonderful place.

at the lake labasin waterfalls during our lunch. my foot there!

a wooden bridge near the Labasin Lake.

breakfast at the coconut pavillon at 7:00 am...

quite a view taken during our carabao ride to the cottage.

waterfalls lunch

poolside at night.

activities like rafting are available.

early to rise... this will greet your senses.. a cool bright morn.

near the fishing and rafting area.

night swimming is such fun for the boys!

some stone models near the entrance to the resort.

i have not posted so much pictures here. you can see more pictures here ( taken during our last visit last 2008)

1 comment:

naomi chokr said...

so cool! i remember going to to villa escudero when i was in HS. Nice to see your pictures!!!


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