Saturday, August 28, 2010

rub on card

using rub ons on your card... a unique way to decorate! take a peek at your rub on stash, do you own so much of those? why not use them on your card? collage them and add some embellis... you will be surprised with your creations.. you know rub ons look like STAMPS in a way... so its easy to create.

one of my contributions for the july 2010 issue.


symbelly said...

thank you cabbie.
lovely card.
i'll be going through my rubons tonight. hehehehe

Alby said...

Beautiful Cabbie! And great idea on using rub-ons. I'd better take stock of my rub-on stash and make cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

Norunn said...

Wow! soo smart! I have so many rubons that I can´t find out how to use...but now.. A great Idea.

Love your creativity!


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