Thursday, February 10, 2011

guilty feeling

i have been having some guilty feelings lately not scrapping!!! and so i got my stash, old and new ( not that much! i need to shop! ), printed some photos ( old and new too!) and scrapped in a slow pace... argggh, when you stop scrapping for a while, you get this block! that goes for me.

but i am quite happy with the layouts. not a buster not for pubbed but for myself. for my happiness.

just want to spell out something, i know just a bunch of you reads my blog ( all of them over at facebook!) but when you scrap, do not think that being pubbed is the most important goal you should have, do not let your layouts be pressured because of pubbed issues and wanna be pubbed. scrap because you want to. scrap because it makes you happy!! after all, in the first place, you decided to scrap because you want to cherish the memories nad not because you want to get pubbed. those are just icings.

a little bit of salad here... thanks for looking.


Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Cabbie! Sweet layouts! I love what you said about scrapping. I think that if it comes from the heart, from a place of happiness, that the love and joy shine through! :-)

Maybe you'd like to write a guest post for my blog?

Liza said...

well said cabbie! scrapping should really be something you dp coz you love it and the rest are just rewards. love seeing your new layouts! :D


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