Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thank you

reaching 39 is something to ponder about, it's an age where i have to say goodbye to the 3's and welcoming the 4. in chinese culture, i am already 40. every birthday, i feel as if time is consuming my life. as life gets shorter as your birthday comes, my friend told me a positive thing, i should be thankful i have to count all the years i had lived. that's more important than thinking of my life being shortened as the years passed.

i know i had lived a somewhat happy life but of course, nothing is perfect. there may be frustrations and shortcomings and so many other things that will come and go but one thing for sure, i just wish my birthday wish will come true... but of course, that's a secret nobody should know. :)

bunch of flowers and a cake for me from my family. indeed, i want to celebrate it in a different way.

1 comment:

Regina Castillo said...

Yes Cabbie, lots of things to be thankful for, one of which is your talent. Happy birthday! :D


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