Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DT at Filipino Scrapbookers

Thank you to Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog for the great opportunity in the coming next 6 months. The rest of the DT members will be coming up with great layouts from great sketches! So pull your scrap stash out, so am I... and join me in this mojo comeback. I know some of you have gone different ways, diversions ( which we cannot even comprehend as to why we had to at least sway a bit) but there is always an outlet in scrapbooking which we cannot even understand too.

So in this journey, just be with us. Try to make some layouts from the sketch, make them your guide, your light. As what we say " sayang naman ang scrap stash if we do not use it ". You do not have to be as fast as a cheetah to scrap but only do it with your heart, and that's what counts. 

here is my take on the first intro layout. 

these are really backlog papers which i have not touched for months but i still love the colors and the paper designs. 



Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez said...

Wonderful take on our DT Sketch intro. I guess nothing beats a scrapping high or a creative release and at the same time let our stash show us some light amidst being stored for so long or for quite sometime. =)

Kath - Fellow FS teamie
Blog: Creo by Lady Katutz

Varah Musavvir said...

You won't believe it, I used to visit your blog very often some time back... then somehow lost the link. I came across it again the other day and I am so so relieved! I love your work, each of your pieces are just beautiful :) Keep at it, hope to see your blog updates soon. Love.


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