Friday, August 17, 2012

derwent inktense blocks trial drawings

just want to share my first attempt on using Derwent Inktense Blocks... 

THE CORAR SERIES... or in short,


i would like to name the girls in blush as


since only their "blush" are visible...

i want the focus to be on their cheeks.

first girl: Mary Corazon;
a mixture of chinky and french look

second girl : Ara-Cora ;
 the artsy Cora, flamboyant and carefree

oh, i also did a modified JUDITH using these blocks
click here to know more about my Judith Series ( using markers ) ,

a bleed on the lips, sorry. its a gel pen error.
okay, i modified my Judith and used these blocks to create a messy shabby look. you can compare the different styles and outcome by clicking the link above. 

which one do you like best? 

thanks for viewing..

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