Friday, November 03, 2006

My cake ... 4th birthday

this is adriel's 4th birthday last october 25, 2006. we coincided it with the halloween special... materials :: basic grey Hang 10 collection, tags, stickers, whollycow rub ons, sakura souffle outlining the stitch-like design. some studio K words.. wooden words painted with sky blue acrylic atop neopolitan word sticker.

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the dreamer said...

Sis!! I love this! Alam mo, you've really changed my perception of scrapping. I realize that it's not the techniques used, 'coz you make it seem so efortless!, but the feeling that you get while viewing the layout. This layout is like magic. I don't need to know how the magic is done, I just want to enjoy the magic. =) Nina


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