Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Scoops Parole

this is the scoops parole from the scoops over the years. i cannot throw them away thats why i just have to make them into something worth making...

how to: cut all the handles from the scoops. i used gain (gain and gain school advance), enfalac enfagrow scoops, al 110 scoops.

painted the border with red and gold (not seen) glittered them too.

the orange acrylic painted from the enfa line of scoops with glitters.

the lavander acrylic painted from the gain scoops with pinpoint glitters.

the middle gold and silver from the al 110 scoops.

i pasted the whole star on a cartolina. each of the scoops glued on it. i then cut the outline of the scoops and hang it on the wall.

hopefully it wont fall off...

ps. i still have yellow scoops from wyeth s26. in time for valentines day.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

this is so innovative, cabbie! galing! you're so talented talaga!


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