Saturday, March 31, 2007

altered plastic plant pot

this is the plastic plant pot my hubby gave me as a valentine gift (well of course with 6 tulips)-- i just cant seem to throw the pot away and so i altered it. guess what would i put in here?

brand strips of the pps i used-- those strips you have to trim when you use your pps! i dont throw them away too!

this is to guage how much pps i have used already. serves as an inspiration too!


* clean the plastic pot.
* paint with gesso
* let dry and paint with acrylic paint.
* decorate with pattern paper. i have to cut them into squares so that the pps would stay straight when glued.
* in my case, i attached the weaved strings over the ribbon for decorative purposes.
* get a chipboard. i painted it with LD glaze. attach to pot.
* get an HS flower and attach a biggie brad or button. dont attach it to pot for the meantime.
* i also streak-stamped with white frost (colorbox) over the bare areas.
* paint the whole pot with decoupage glue including the pps and ribbons except the attached chipboard.
* glue the flower last beside the chipboard.


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