Saturday, March 24, 2007

RO's birthday accordion card

this is the accordion card i made for Ro on his birthday. i used the blank base from the raffle draw ( last SE christmas party). DONT THROW AWAY YOUR MM FOAM STAMPS PACKAGE!! i used it for my packaging... look at the birthday wishes box design, i covered it with American Craft ppr, embellished some local fabric flowers and used the KandC chipboard saying for birthday wishes.

i stamped the front page with LD crillon and embossed with gold. faux wax seal completed the front title front page.

i distressed the photo with Ranger's Old Paper. i also printed our picture on "retaso" from my son's white pants. ( ro was altering the length the night before his birthday thats why)

handwritten dedication written on LD journal stamp, embossed with pink. i also used 7 gypsies tape adhesive on the centerfold. the word RO was done by using BG mini monogram chipboard and embossed with fuschia, gold and silver. i cut the angel design from a Robert Frederick Ltd. card i got from powerbooks.
various pps used are: daisy d's, cosmo cricket and some BGs. ah one more thing, thanks to joanne yap's cuttlebug dry embossing template. cool! then chalked it afterwards.


Ems said...

It's a very nice gift!!!

maybs said...

You really have to teach me how to emboss, Cabbie! Your album is really beautiful. Cute ng family picture ninyo with all the boys. Truly made with love.

Liza said...

a really nice and priceless gift cabbie! you've mastered the art of making these accordion albums and you have a different style talaga. full of love ang album! galing!

ellago said...

cabbie. this is nice. galing nyo talaga gawa accordion. wala pako nagagawang ganyan. waah. parang diko kaya. huhuhu.

but you really have the talent. wisikan mo naman ako.


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