Saturday, August 11, 2007

idol sentiments

being a scrappin idol participant has made me a insane scrapper. for the past 2 days, i have been cramming for a layout i dont usually do. a challenge indeed.

i have to scout for cs because i really dont stock them. i have to find the right embellishment to go with the design of the layout. i know each of us are really serious about this because this is a real challenge. exciting as it may sound, this is also tension on the making. i want this to be fun but there is the fear of rejection. admit it, we all wanted to be part of being a winner but sometimes, of course, not everybody wins.

so, i just hope that i do my best. if i dont make it to the top, i just hope that i would be able to make MANY layouts. you get my point? MANY LAYOUTS!!!lol.

ff up::: round 1--> i think i am not scrapping normally. i do not scrap my normal layouts anymore. i scrap for the challenge only. i scrap and think. i scrap with restrictions. i scrap with challenge...

ff up ::: round 2 --> after finishing the round 2 challenge, i tried to feel good by altering something.. and lo and behold.. this came out to be the next challenge!!! well though there are restrictions, i might just have to add some more stuffs to make it valid. but i might have to think of other ways.. creative ways... batman's will!

ff up::: round 3 -->whew. i just got some pat on my shoulder because of what my creation was... well, not that very unique to those who dont know the origin of my work though. but if you knew the real essence of why i did that, then you would understand.. hope the judges would.

but indeed, what i created was just a junk waiting to be spoiled. i would just have to put real stuff in there.. you know real stuff. stealth...
yeah, it was not the pick although everyone thought it would be. but it was not.
i was not expecting because i am not a lucky girl when it comes to bagging awards especially when the judges dont understand what the hell you are explaining about. but really, i am not that lucky ever since. so i might just have to store that thing in my closet. never to see it again.

here comes the ephemera round:: i have always loved vintage, collage and the mixed media art... old, aged, sentiments, memorabilia... but really! i dont know how to execute such ideas!!! whelp!

the last round. i am having a dreading moment here because i dont use multiple photos and i dont do spreads and this is the round that were supposed to do. whelp now all the more!!! i dont know if i am executing the right way. i am not sure if i am doing the right thing with the rules in it. i dont know what a spread is like. can i make 3 papers in 1 spreads??am i wrong ??? definitely i hate spreads i have never done anything like this in my entire scrapbooking life!!! and darn i hate to do multiple pics because i dont have the printer to print those tinee bitty pics or the pics of your size.. those commercial printing shops really take my nerves! whelllpppy !!!

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C70 said...

Congrats on making the cut, Cabbie! Good luck with the following rounds! I'm sure I'll be seeing lots of LOs from you :)


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