Sunday, September 02, 2007

now i understand nina.

how did nina felt? now i understand. when you are expecting something and you did not get what you want, you felt what nina felt. even though i said i was not expecting, deep in my heart i know that i can be a part of that expectation but i did not get what i want and now i know how nina felt that time.

you cannot blame anyone but yourself, the circumstances, the destiny that was meant to happen. i have a story to tell... i would be able to tell when a bad thing is about to happen. talk about clumsiness. everything falls down, from spoons to things, to soaps etc.

these past few days this has been my case. everything is clumsy without my doing.

and it's true. talk about sixth sense. talk about destiny and fate.

i understand now, nina.

so please dont dubbed me. no titles. no expectations.


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