Tuesday, September 11, 2007

scrapper's RULES

i have been scrapping for more than a year and i am as innocent as a baby when it comes to rules. and so while reading some scrapbook mag, i came across with the RULE OF THREE. i know everybody might be familiar with this because the first time i heard this was just last week through Lee. and when i came across this again, i thought that maybe i should deal with these rules. there are also other rules like the RULE OF THE TRIANGLE, the RULE OF Z and the GOLDEN RATIO.

I got these tipes from scrappyshack.com.au::

SCRAPPER'S RULE OF THREE: One of my favourite methods in planning a scrapbook layout is simple to remember and easy to put into place. Divide your page into thirds horizontally and vertically (either physically or in your imagination). This now creates a grid of nine squares. Where these lines intersect are the points where your viewer's eye is naturally drawn. Use these points to place your key items. You can also use the lines as an indication of where to run a ribbon or place a torn strip of paper etc.

TRIANGLES: A simple way to create balance with your layouts is by creating an invisible triangle. do this by placing your photographs or embellishments where you would imagine the three points of your triangle to be. This way your viewer's eyes flow between the subjects on your design. You can combine your embellishments and images to create your triangle.

got this from scrapsofmind.com

A close relation of the Rule of Thirds Principle is ‘Z’ Movement. This refers to the placement of elements to form an imaginary Z shape that guides the eye through the design.

Now this isn’t rocket science, but if you combine these two techniques in your scrapbook layout design you will have a really powerful framework to build your layout on. And your elements will almost seem to place themselves quite naturally.

When I am struggling to find inspiration for the design of my layouts (especially my paper scrapping ones) I find these two techniques are an absolute boon and really help me out of that design block hole.

THE GOLDEN RATIO (scrapbooksbydesign.net):

This "rule of odds" suggests that an odd number of subjects in scrapbook layout design is more interesting than an even number. Thus if you have more than one photo in your layout, the suggestion is to choose an arrangement with at least three photo. An even number of subjects produces symmetries in the image, which can appear less natural.

hope this helps me and you!

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