Thursday, June 05, 2008

busy days ahead

school is here and i would be very very busy for the next couple of months. i might not be able to make tutorials and scrap some layouts for a while because the demand as a full time mom calls for it. so if you happened to visit this blog un-updated, pls. understand. lol.

but of course, i will try to relive the time spent with scrapbooking... hopefully.

sometimes, our priorities in life changes and i may be one of those in the circle. so so busy. 4 kids in school is very multi-tasking. their schedules mixed up, their snacks i have to take care of not to mention their daily homeworks and of course their daily lunch too. the most dilemna-ed of them all is taking them to school.

to those in my circle i know of-- j.y, m.t., i salute you, how did you ever do that.

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