Friday, June 27, 2008

a gift from Michelle Ku

definitely a surprise!!!! when i saw what mica films could do to a scrapbook artist like me, i immediately craved for it but to my dismay, mica films are not available here in our lss. and so when mich / chowchow ( from scrap-n-crop and scrappinkids ) knew about my longing ( lol ), she SENT some mica for me! i just cant believe the generosities of people who are so far away and yet tried their best to be the best of what they can be. i mean not because of what she sent that made me so thankful but such act of kindness definitely will be remembered not only by me but to those who happened to read this entry.

again, thank you michelle ku from malaysia!!!! i will definitely create the magic of mica soon.


symbelly said...

ooooooh! what is that Cabbie.

will be waiting for your post on whatever you are gonna do with that. hehehehehehe.

happy scrapbooking.

Chowchow said...

Blush blush Cabbie - its just very little Cabbie - I will send more when I get my hands on some.

Liza said...

Wohoo Cabbie! Can't wait to see what awesome creation that you'll create with teh Mica tiles!!!

Christine said...

looking forward to more beautiful creations with that mica!


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