Monday, August 04, 2008

Artful Blogging Challenge on

this entry is for the challenge up at bookoto on artful blogging... come join the fun.. share your blog... share your passion and your happiness...!!!

*** What is your blog name and what's with the name?

The title of my simple blog is Cabbie's inks, altered, layouts and shabby. I decided on this blog name because it compasses everything about what i love to do, the encounter with this craft and what I would like to share with everyone. This scrapbook blog tells the story of my connection with the scrapbooking world, the layouts and altered items which I create and the style "shabby chic" which I fell in love right from the start.

How was your banner/header created (include all credits)?

Due credits to vintage elements ( dolls and papers )by raspberry road designs and orchids by rizulka. I used adobe photoshop cs3 using basic layering of the elements, I also converted the butterflies into black and white to create contrast coloring. Opacities are also adjusted accordingly. Text font of rosewood standard was also used to add to the vintage feel.

What is your blog about? Why did you create it?

My blog is all about passion and the love for scrapbooking and the willingness to share with everyone what I feel about this craft. My tutorials are centered on incorporating details as much as I could so that the readers would be inspired to learn. Blogging is not only about pictures, it is about steps and procedures and how a creation came about. It is also about your inner soul and the happiness that comes with it. I love details and learning new techniques and through this blog, I hope to expand my knowledge and still learn from fellow scrappers as well. For me, scrapbook blogging is one of the best thing that ever happened to me! Not only would you be able to share in detail how you processed your thoughts and creativity, you are also free to write, communicate and seek opinions of others and still find time to smile at your own creativity at the end of the day.

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