Thursday, April 02, 2009

altered Bento Box Card Holder

do you have these plastic bento boxes???? or if not, some microwavable containers lying around?

then why not make them useful???

a card holder to give to your loved ones perhaps?

join me in my quest.

by the way, this was published over at Earth Day feature last month.



1. first, get a container. i use a bento box i got from a japanese surplus store which sells these new boxes for 50pesos per 100 pieces!!! kewl!

2. for the next procedure, have you ever been to CraftWorld at SM megamall ground floor near Toy Kingdom? then you will find this there.

i got this Felt Powder. get a foil glue too for adhering.

3. brush the foil glue on your chipboard.
wait for a few seconds. don't let it dry.

4. sprinkle some felt powder over the glue.

for some accents, i added acrylic paint and Diamond Glaze on the edge of this felt powder coated chipboard.

let's look at the bento box.

1. crop-a-diled the 2 holes for attachment of fibers which serve as enclosures.

2. i also pierced the midline of the paper... guess what is the significant of this pierced area?

you guessed it right! it serves as an opening for your dear card!

and a bentox box won't be complete without an altered CHOPSTICKS too!

just painted the chopsticks with acrylic paint and stamped images on it.

and so there you have it,


happy eating... errr, happy reading the card!


Kate said...

this is a FANTASTIC tutorial!! thanks for sharing!

CHING said...

WOW ! as usual very artistic ! Thanks for sharing !!!

Rowee said...

Thanks for the tutorial Cabbie!!! You are an
D-DO it yourself
O-oh so talented


Liza said...

OMG! Another unique idea for an altered project Cabbie! Ibang klase ka talaga! Wow!

Plastic Card said...


First time i have visited your blog,Its looking very nice and the idea and picture you giving about to the tutorial is also very nice.Thanks for sharing such an interesting information.


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