Monday, April 27, 2009

crackled painted journal

i made this crackled painted journal on a used notebook. i knew i have to check my distress crackled paints because some were dried up and sadly have to throw the whole bottle away. i have thrown 2 bottles already... i wonder if the weather in the philippines has something to do with the drying up condition. if not, do we put them on the refrigerator?

some vintage photos which i printed and downloaded on the internet.

i decided to layer and played with the crackled paints lest they dry up and i won't be able to enjoy them.


symbelly said...

wow. this is beautiful.

hmm i gotta try layering crackled paints.

thank you for sharing.

Au Lim said...

ayayay! you're a master at vintagey designs talaga... love the crackle finish!

laury55 said...

the cover of your journal is the differnt coats of crackle paint


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