Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cake decor and oh so newbie samples

sometimes, hobbies are a never ending feat!!! and talking about hobbies, some are expensive ones!!! last week, i decided to enroll myself in cake decorating. i know i have never even baked nor even held a piping bag in my life!! but i said i want to try it..

you see, cake decor has always been on my wishlist way way back and now that it has been fulfilled, i want to explore more on cake decor and hopefully "bake". of course, my other hobbies like crochet, scrapbooking and books will always stay.

here are some pictures which i took: some to follow too.

what i bought after the class. for practice purposes!!

what i did for a "bald" and damaged cake.

i also got a red ribbon ube mammon ( ube cupcake ) and played with the ready to use icing.

1 comment:

jonaks said...

you will enjoy cake decorating. hope you can alternate it with your other hobbies. Mine have to take a back seat - scrapbooking muna. Only 1 expensive hobby at a time.


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