Wednesday, November 10, 2010

memories - a mixed media class for visual creations

last november 7, 2010, visual creations, a local scrapbooking store in manila conducted a mix media class using the golden molding paste and other mediums to dress up a maya road postal chipboard album.

design team members cabbie ( yours truly ) and ime oranga made their own versions of the albums and the class participants modified their designs using the kit provided.

this is my take on the album:

hambly screenprints painted on the other side will give your white transparency a certain kind of glow and beauty!

molding paste painted with acrylic gives texture as well as boldness and uniqueness to your creation.

i also used the golden pearl mica flakes, although not as glittery, it will still give your album a bit of sparkle.

fabric papers from american craft are a must to every album. here i created a lampshade using the fabric sticker.

insert your transparency to any chipboard spot...

textured background with molding paste. paint it with multi colors!

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AWESOME work! Thanks for the inspiration =)


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