Wednesday, September 06, 2006


i met diane through chatand the email group and we became good friends through the net. we met at the eb and she is so nice. she is a young mother and she loves her family that much! she is from bicol and is the "official welcomer" of the email group.too bad i did not bring my cam to post some pics here. she makes wonderful los for her son and her family as well. she is a friendly person and is open to everyone because of her cheerful disposition. though young very young at heart, you can see her dedication to her son and her passion as a scrapbooker. she does great los too both digitally and traditionally. she loves to shop too online and she las lots to share regarding scrapbooking (flower head, acrylic paints, and everything!). i love her workplace because it is neat and organized. there is a sense of workplace-ship when you view it and some cozy ambience which will surely make you want to do more los all the more. hope to meet her again sometime.

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