Wednesday, September 06, 2006


i met sheryl personally through the eb last july 16, 2006 and i find her warm and friendly. she is the wife of an ophthalmologist and her layouts are very neat and systematic. she loves brights and can manipulate the flow of artistic thoughts well too. she has good los to share. she has a lovable daughter which anyone would adore. sheryl is very academic in nature , that is to my own perception. she has a whole bookcase full of books and her passion for scrapbooking tells it all too. she also writes well. a writer at heart...

then we met during the scrapmeet again. it was so nice to see good friends again even when all we do is chat over the net. we met up at the bookfair too after a few days because of her love of books, i am glad to have someone who also understands this passion, a certified bibliophile she says she is.

she is now the c0-moderator of au in our pinoyscrapbookers group and she does well there!

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