Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why do i scrap?

scrapbooking. the name itself makes my heartbeat work faster than normal. papers, fibers, stickers, embellishments, rubons, stamps...these words makes me drool and panic. scraproom, scrap events, ebs...they make me worse with hunger and happiness at the same time.
thats why i scrap. thats why i love every bit of it.
how many percentages of us are into it? i dont know. not much i know. how many of us share this passion of scrapbooking and shopping stuffs rather than shop for our own vanity...?? all of us scrapbookers. thats what you call addiction with grace and reason.
so you tell me you scrap for other people you love..or you scrap because it is your passion? what you scrap-- which comes from within is like your own bloodshed mind working its way to bring out the best of your artsy ability... so its like doing for your own and doing for them at the same time... excuses!
oh well, if you have all the time in the world. scrap it out. after many years, they would be treasures which are priceless. just make this hardcopy as hard as it is, that is, take care of it. there is only one copy.

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