Saturday, July 07, 2007

tagged by lee

lee tagged me, here it is:

1. foods you hate: ox tongue

2. fruits you hate: chesa ( like lee) although i havent tasted it for so long a time already, been years.

3. veggies that you hate : okra ( like lee) coz of the stickiness that i cannot comprehend; ampalaya- be it cooked "sans bitterness";

4. celebrities or people that you hate: sexy dancers turned actresses--feeling expensive to the eye.

5. event/situation/incident that you hate: monday blues, first day of everything ( school, internship, work)

6. tv shows or movies that you hate: comedies

7. type of music that you hate: incomprehensible jazzes

8. household chore that you hate: cleaning up stuffs under the sink.

9. things you hate about the world: politicians being corrupt. they get all the luxuries and they dont sweat.

10. things you hate about yourself: the body is too weak even if the mind has the will.

next to be tagged: au, babette, emily tan, sheryl.


Ems said...

How will you tag me?

Anonymous said...

when i tag you, you also write something like this in your blog.


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