Thursday, February 14, 2008

ALTERED FRAME * a sample for artzdescrap's february inspirational scrapper's take*

do you have those toy package just waiting to be thrown away? if so, then


get one of those and alter it into something:
here, i used ranger distress crackle paint!!!! i love this product so much! just paint on it.. that easy!

wait for sometime before everything dries up and.....

when it starts to crack, you will love the regularity of its crackling effect!

i then used antiquing solution from rangers and tried to tap just one drop to see the effect.

you can drop several of them depending on your design.
look how the solution would seep into the crack!

you can also brush it over the cracks! see how cool!

these babes are true loves!

and the finished product.....

so don't throw your garbage away. think first... you would never know !

this altered frame sample is for the february tutorial by inspirational scrapper SRI SAMS from singapore/usa at artzdescrap. i just needed to let you see how i came up with this frame and how magnifico the crackle paint is... as easy in one step and the effect is unbelievable... time to get more of that!


zabeth said...

Beautiful loved the altered frame so much. Salute to your creativity and artz.

feli said...

Love your altered frame! this is just great! couldn't really see from the photo, so i'm glad i visited your blog!

and just to let you know... you've been tagged! check out my blog.. :)

Ems said...

GOSH this is to nice!!!!

C70 said...

HAHAHA, Cabbie!!! I've been saving the exact same frames that you used here for several years now, without knowing what the heck to do with them!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

You truly are the QUEEN of altered art!!!

CraftFairy said...

Truly an artist, Cabbie! Wow! I'm wondering what kind of paint and art you're going to come up next! TFS

scrapgurl said...

this altered frame is so cool! I love the crackle paint effect too! Will definitely try this.

Thanks for sharing!

Wati Basri said...

wow..cabbie...awesome frame!! thanks for tips :)

Maybelle said...

Great tutorial, Cabbie! I love the crackle effect! Beautiful work!

Tam on the Rocks said...

I absolutely love this frame! I am very inspired and will be trying some of your techniques. Thanks for sharing!


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