Monday, February 18, 2008

scrapbooks-exchange/my little attic/scrpabookshawaii merge eb

last february 16, 2008, we had our eb hosted by nette at her alabang abode. everyone enjoyed that day full of discounts, sales and yummy treats!

me, candy and donna showed demos about blending foam, alcohol inks and cd cutting.

the collage shown : cabbie lopez's demonstration on blending foam.. hope you did learn something from my silent movie.


C70 said...

thanks so much for your wonderful demo, Cabbie!!

and i hope you won't mind if I grabbed a photo from your 'silent movie' :)

it was great seeing you and meeting Florence :)

CraftFairy said...

Cabbie, you are indeed the Queen of Scraps - turning scraps into altered art! churning scrapbooks as natural as breathing...! Do you dream of these things at night and put them in motion the following morning?

berto said...

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