Tuesday, April 01, 2008

altered house album ( artzdescrap for april)

this is our mini album project for april's artzdescrap creation. we were given a blank house album and we were told to alter it using the same title HOME IS WHERE.... ( it's up to you).

i did scrapbooking and friends as my main idea here because i am so at home with it. i added lace, chipboards, flowers, stickers, fibers, buttons as accents.

babette ... one of my first friends in scrapbooking.

pinoyscrapbookers group during scrapmeet 2006.

nette was really an idol for me on my first step towards scrapbooking.

GNO nights are weekly nights i dont wanna miss! its like an outlet.. a get together and a breath of life.

sharing tutorials are fun... i love to do it in silencio.

eat and be merry. thats part of scrapbooking.

this month's challenge at artzdescrap focuses on mini albums... why not give it a try? compile your memories... be creative...its fun!


feli said...

wow cabbie! i love how you added so much to the cover to make it your very own..:) and i love the little touches you add to your album, like the button on the window, and the felts on the ring!

Sandra Yu said...

i simply love this album. how pretty especially the embellishments in each pages, i love the way you put them together. nice idea i got here in your blog, i'm starting w/ my very first super mini album..

C70 said...

wow! that looks awesome!

Alby said...

This is beautiful Cabbie! Great idea! You know how I love making minis. You just inspired me to make another one. Hopefully this long weekend.

CraftyC said...

I love this mini album, Fab!!

Anonymous said...

Great project!

berto said...

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