Sunday, May 11, 2008


last may 10, 2008, scrappers from Manila attended Ms Kah Mei Smith's ( owner of Fontwerks ) Best of You class at the Luna Gardens, Rockwell, Makati. This was made possible with Scrapbukan's generous owner, Ms Sahrie Wenceslao. This is Kah Mei's last stop from her
Asian class tour! wow. She is a malaysian but settled in canada for the past 20 years.

what a fun day we had there!!! so much freebies and a fast paced class wherein majority of us were able to finish the 10 page mini book and lots of techniques involved too! we were able to finish this in 5 hours time, not bad huh.

this melt wax technique is so cool and yet so hot!

shrink plastic this is !!

all of us went home with our hands full of goodies and a minibook to show to our loved ones... had fun with my table mates CH, Tin and CV.


Anonymous said...

Great book, Cabbie! I love it! =)

Happy Mother's Day!

symbelly said...

pa scrap lift ng mini book mo na eto ha.

bibigay ko sa friend ko na birthday niya sa may 20.


this minibook is soo nice.

Christine said...

it was great seeing you, Cabbie! i love your minibook, of course! ;)


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