Monday, May 05, 2008

national scrapbooking day celebration at visual creations

last may 3, 2008 was national scrapbooking day and we celebrated the sale and crop day at the newly renovated visual creations store.

it was the store's soft opening too!!! look at the yummies and goodies!!!

racks and racks...

stamping collection ( did not take a whole angle shot)

symbelly hiding behind the racks.. but i could see you darling. lol
what did cookie and vanny desired?

after some shopping, the GNO girls had a crop party at the scrappin room.

our goal is to finish one minibook. period.


prescrapping time


10 pm
look at mia concentrating on her work while nita measuring something... is that au talking on the phone while her minibook draft lay on the table ready to be created?

hey nita. smile!!!!

sym, me and mitch on one table. sym on the verge of finishing her and sym finished our album at 12 midnight. the final album was zutter-ed. coolness!

oh by the way,

mia doing the demo on zutter, isn't she cute with a terno scrapbooking shirt???

girls, the zutter is so cool believe me. if you want a pre order, visual creations can do it for you, pls email mitch sy ( owner of visual creations ) at

this is a sneak peek of what i finished... and zuttered too!!!!
watch out for the revelation soon.

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thea said...

hi cabbie. thanks for visiting my blog. anyway, may i know where this store is located? i'm still into digital, but would like to go back to paper since goods are now available locally. :)


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