Thursday, February 11, 2010

smooch review

i got these babes 2 days ago and fell in love with the classy lady-like containers! the sleek black brush on applicator combines the feel of an eyeliner and lip gel in one! can you just imagine applying it as a scrapbook accent? drool...

anyway, i decided to test them on my ATCs... on cardstock, on chipboard and glass beads and molding paste.

it has that rich shimmer which does not lightened upon applying. creamy and not liquid-y and so it retains its color to the max.

on glass beads.

on cardstock. you will notice the shimmer but not dimensional. unless you reflect it against the light, you won't be able to appreciate the real color. but it adds spark to any embellishment!

available at Visual Creations. hope its not sold out though..!

1 comment:

Norunn said...

Wow! this looks soo beautiful! gorgeous colors! :)


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