Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Acceptance at Basic Grey

after reading their acceptance email, i wondered if they had gone wrong accepting me. so i reread for the nth time and well, for their own reason perhaps, they got my accordion.

only the front panel got in. i submitted the back panel but i guess it was not in their taste...

i heard bg designer teams are choosy with their layouts. oh well, we all have our own techniques and designs, and every layout is beautiful in one's eyes.

after pursuading myself that this is for real, i did not react because i felt i was still a novice at heart. there are divas in scrapbooking getting accepted at the site and for me to be at par with them is something not in my world i could hope for ... but deep inside, i felt so honored.

i could only thank people for believing in me when they sent in their warm greetings. praises like that are meant to make you feel good but not only that, they are inspirations and boosters for us all to be more productive and to be better scrappers.

the memory of love accordion is all about me. it is an inspiration about the life i am now living. from my childhood days to the wedding itself, this accordion will remind me of how i see life back then and now.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jane!! You oh-so deserve the slot. :) Keep up the good work ha! You inspire us to create and be creative. ~Suzanne

dianeskie said...

Again congrats jane! miss you!

Ems said...

Congrats sistah!


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