Thursday, October 05, 2006

Adriel's Minibook

this is the baby album of my second son, adriel. i used mostly paper pizazz retro papers on the insides. the pictures are the most chosen ones.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jane! Just wanted to let you know something I've already told you. Hehe. You're really great at layering and maximizing your space. And your color combinations and use of embellies are always "Wow!" I particularly loved the way you used ribbons, fibers to bind the papers together. Keep up the gorgeous work! =) Nina

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Ang galing naman nitong Welcome Baby Book na gawa mo! Love the fibers and ribbons ha. And like what Nina said, ang galing mo sa color combination. Keep up the good work!! We are all proud of you!! ~Suzanne


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