Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meeting with Diane

Oct. 6, 2006 was a good day for me. i met up with diane, nina and janujen at mega. even for a short 2.5 hours, we enjoyed those times so scarce and so fast. of course, our visit to smile, simple joys and carolinas was not to be missed aside from the stationary dept of sm to check on the albums and some stuffs.

we did not made it heavy on snacks because our cellphones kept alerting..messages here and there.. and nina has to break free again too soon. of course, matt was with her with his beloved stroller.

at 6:30pm we peck each other goodbye, we did not have the chance to share more stories because of time constraint. but we enjoyed each other's company. i will see diane after 6 months again.

1 comment:

dianeskie said...

hi! jane!

thank you so much for being soooooooo nice to me.. i want you to know na sobrang nag enjoy ako nung nagkita tayo... nami-miss na nga kita eh... hhihiihihi! basta ill see you if i go to manila... for sure yan ha? ingat ka parati and god bless!

btw, these pictures are great! haven't uploaded mine... wa pa kami kuryente eh... tc!


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