Monday, October 16, 2006

Scrap for a cause

last sunday, oct 15, i attended the scrap for a cause. my main motto there is to scrap for the children, one thing because it will serve as a memory to them and secondly, its for free...

so there, we get to choose the pictures of the children and the papers~ all for free!!! its a good feeling because we start from scratch..from nothing. and from there, we get to scrap them. i did put some journalling but not much though. but still, i enjoyed doing the scrapping.

the truth is, this is the only time where scrappers scrap without going there just to shop though there are lots of booths to shop!! i mean, they went there to scrap for the children and listen to the lectures and not just shop..

i am happy with the experience though we might not get to see the children in their skin anymore.

nina was there too and i am so proud of her because she was able to scrap in public. and she won the consolation prize during the challenge!!!

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dianeskie said...

wow inggit naman ako! congrats to nina our dear friend... sobrang bilib n talaga ako sayo!!! cabbie thanks for the update! i so love your blog... take care! ingat! mwuah!


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