Friday, October 12, 2007

aluminum tape embellishment on card

this is one project using alcohol inks again. this time, i used aluminum tape (available at national bookstore, polar bear brand 43p per roll). directions:

1. cut desired size of tape.

2. do not peel off the backside.

3. i used the fiskars embossing template (which i won at scrapfest raffle); the wrong side should be facing you. start to make impressions using stylus.

4. when you turned it around ( you are now facing the aluminum side), you will see the embossed design.

5. get some alcohol inks and dab on the aluminum side. peel off tape and stick on a patterned cardstock.

6. you can use staz-on (black) and quickly dab it with the blending solution to create color varieties.

7. i then punched holes and insert abaca string ( my fave as of the moment because i have a roll of it!)

8. for the flowers, i stamped on staz-on and used lyra watercolor pencils.


C70 said...

this is so gorgeous! galeng, Cabbie! said...

great idea and wonderful tutorial.


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