Sunday, October 21, 2007

a despedida for her

yesterday, 40++ ladies gathered at pacific plaza condominium to celebrate joanne yap's despedida party. this magnificent lady will be migrating to australia in a week's time with her family.

we arrived at the scene at around 1:30pm and people were already gathered at the scrappinmoms sale which was part of the agenda. after few minutes, it was time for a sumptuous buffet of afternoon snacks ( seafood pasta, tacos, desserts).

joanne yap, the lady behind making scrapbooking industry in the philippines a trend was crowned with a customized crown and scepter by tin. afterwards, we all gave our surprise 8x8 layouts or cards for her. each of us went to say our thankful notes or journals read from the layouts we made. joanne was so touched that not enough tissue was made to stop her teary emotion.

we all had a good time there, it was like an eb. to joanne, we wish you all the best. we wish you good life there. may you find happiness and friends like you have in us. may your family have a comfortable life there. you are a good friend to us and me especially, without you ( as i have said), i would not have been where i am now. you pave a way for me to scrap acid frees... you were there on the registration table when i first met you ( you and april) then you said are you new? are you from the group? i did not know there was a group really... and so that was the start.

joanne, you are one hell of a lady. one influential lady who has the power to change one's perception about a certain thing for the better. you have the talent and the attitude to help people and make them become better scrappers. you encourage them to go for the best... with that, i am thankful you made me become one.

goodluck on your journey, my friend.

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