Sunday, October 07, 2007

a grateful message to all

when you win something, how do you feel? how do you react? what is your emotion?

when you are onstage... well, sort of like winning the oscars, how do you feel?

ask me, i did not win the oscars. but i did win something more than that and it's more than the oscars. for me, the opportunity of having the honor of winning the scrappinmoms idol is more than anything. i did not wished for it but i had hoped for it. i told myself that come what way, come what happen-- i will gladly accept it because i know that in all these weeks, i did my best. i know all the others did too.

tensed and palpitating, i can sense the whole ambience and the the audience wanting and waiting for announcement. au, me and tin were called up to the front after few elimination of names...

so when my name was called. i felt like a miss universe up there with the 2 great runner ups au and tin with me.

i just could not believe that this is it. the time has come. we all worked hard for it. the experience has left me with a notion that in scrapbooking, all you have to do is love it, have passion to do it and create things beyond your imagination. scrapbooking has taught me many things and that life is analogous to it. we live life. we scrapbook life. there are memories in life and without scrapbooking, life has no meaning.

i am so grateful to many people. they are what you call friends in times of having to defend you and boot for you. how many of them i dont have to mention. but you know who you are. you are all winners in my eyes.

i am just not the type who can speak out spontaneously in front and so i even forgot to thank the sponsors!! god!!! but i can only say it in writing that i really accept the generosity of each sponsor.. so big heart i should say.

the experience of the idol challenge taught me many great things:

1. to scrap even better.
2. to explore possibilities.
3. discipline oneself in times of stress.
4. to learn how to appreciate other's works.
5. to be thankful for the layout you did.

thank you scrappinmoms for giving me this opportunity to express my layouts in a most creative way and for giving me a chance and to let the world know that we, as filipinos, can be as artistic and talented as we can be.


Ria M. Mojica said...

Congrats again Cabbie! I hope your winning the 1st Scrappin Moms Idol will encourage everyone to have the will to learn and the courage to try new things. You all worked very hard in the last 2 months and for that alone, you all deserve to be called Idols.

Nita Ang said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I can't say it enough... YOU make me proud! :D

Au Lim said...

cabbie, my friend! i just love that i was standing right there beside you when your name was called out kasi you gave me a great big hug and hung on to me like i was your lifesaver! you so, SO, SOOO deserve it, i can't say it enough. it's a true testament to your creativity, speed, artistry & passion all in a very unassuming and demure package. the more i know you, the more i love all that i encounter in you. You are truly an idol and in MORE ways than one.

cabbiejanescrapper said...

ria ---> thanks ria!left a message for you at my chatbox. thanks!!

nita and au --> what can i say to the dynamic duo ever best friends??? you two are really one of a kind.yeah, i was hugging au like a magnet!!!i cant let go coz my tears were piling up na.. it was an emotional one coz you two were there to jump for joy and tears and shout!!!i just cant imagine what the audience were witnessing that time!!! hahaha. thanks nita and au for everything.. for frienship, for scrappin techniques and ideas!

Alby said...

Hi Cabbie! Congratulations for winning the 1st ever Scrappin' Moms Idol. Your layouts always inspire me (not just the ones you sumitted to idol) and I'm sure you've inspired others as well. Well done!

Me-anne's Nook said...

congratulations ulit ms. cabbie, pwede na palitan yung bling hehehe. im so happy for you!

C70 said...

Cabbie, I am so happy for you! Congrats again!

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