Tuesday, October 09, 2007

scrappinmoms idol moments

date: october 6, 2007, max's resto quezon city. 6:30pm.

after being crowned, este...named scrappinmoms idol 1, my outlook in scrapbooking kinda changed. i want to scrap better, i want to explore new techniques and incorporate non-scrapbooking (stamping etc) in scrapbooking. but of course, my love and passion for it remains.

here are some of the pictures taken during the coronation of scrappinmoms idol... those moments captured by mr. jeff lopez

this is the final layout which took 3 hours to finish and using all the materials inside the kit. my first time to scrap in a 12x12 acrylic platform.

au, me and tin on the limelight!!!
scrapping the hard way...i cant even think of smiling.. i think this was approximately 1 hour more to go before the clock ticked. i have not even adhered everything on the acrylic!!!

fantastic layouts of the top 12!!! salute you girls!!!

i cannot even let go of au!!!

what a reaction... i was trying to hold back my tears of joy... i cannot even recall what pia was saying anymore!!!


Wati Basri said...


C70 said...

Yey! What fun! Too bad I wasn't there to witness it all :) You are so deserving of that title, Cabbie!


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